How to Unblock the NHL GameCenter Live

How to Unblock the NHL GameCenter Live

You are wondering how to unblock the NHL GameCenter Live? VPN services are the answer

How to Unblock the NHL GameCenter Live

The new season for the NHL is already in play. However, if you live in Canada or in the Scandinavian countries, you could be missing out on all the game action. If you are based in the United States, you could even be missing out on your home team playing. But, you can bypass this complete with the use of a VPN.

NHL GameCenter Live Facts

  • The NHL consists of 30 teams (23 from the US, 7 from Canada) all battling for the Stanley Cup trophy
  • The season lasts until mid April of 2017
  • The Los Angeles Kings are the current holders of the covenant title
  • NHL GameCenter Live is the platform to watch

How a VPN Helps to Unblock the NHL GameCenter Live

In the US, those who want to access the NHL GameCenter Live can do so, but will pay around $160 for the games. Those located outside the US get a lower price of $99.99. One of the things about the NHL GameCenter Live is that you can only watch games that are not in your home area. Thus, you cannot be located in Los Angeles, US and still watch a game with this team playing. If you try, the server simply looks at your IP address and if you are local, you get blocked. This is where a VPN can come in handy.

The VPN, or Virtual Private Network, can block your IP address location, as well as give you an IP address that is not associated with the country you live in. Thus, everyone can watch any game they want, regardless of their location. Learn also now how to unblock YouTube with VPN.

Best VPN to Unblock the NHL GameCenter Live

This VPN is one of the largest that is on the market offering more than 80,000 IP addresses to choose from, more than 600 servers that are located in over 76 countries. The VPN works on most all operating systems and with all devices, making it compatible for whatever you are using. In addition to this, HMA offers a 30 day money back guarantee and fairly low prices for utilizing their services. Visit HideMyAss now!

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish has 130 servers that are located in 58 countries with a majority of these located in Europe. However, due to their server placement, everyone in the world can usually access their servers. The VPN can be used with all operating systems and devices. It can also adapt to popular VPN Protocols, with the exception of SSTP. The VPN does offer a 7 day money back guarantee for those who want to try this before committing.


It is also one of the oldest VPN’s on the market as it started in 2006 in Hong Kong. They offer over 300 servers that are located in 45 countries. Most operating systems and devices work with this VPN, and it does allow a person to have up to 5 devices running off of one account. The VPN does offer a 3 day money back guarantee.

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