How to unblock Netflix with VPN

How to unblock Netflix with VPN

Netflix is blocked in your country? Find out how to unblock Netflix with VPN

How to unblock Netflix with VPN

Who doesn’t love to watch live streaming of the ultimate movie collection at greater speed and video quality? With over 50 million subscribers and growing, Netflix, the online provider of on-demand streaming media and DVD rental service of the popular TV shows and Hollywood movies has changed the face of online media repositories.

Is your country Netflix accessible?

If you are a citizen of USA, Canada or a resident of Caribbean, parts of Europe like Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, you can subscribe to the US version of Netflix services.

With regard to other countries, Netflix is not accessible with a non-US IP address. Hence, many citizens are looking out for ways to unblock Netflix services to avail uninterrupted access outside US. This article intends to reveal some of the most reliable ways to Unblocking Netflix with VPN.

How to unblock Netflix – Finding out how VPN works

The basic idea behind any location-restricted server is the detection the IP address of the user. Using the regional filters, Netflix detects the IP address and decides whether to grant user access or not. Unblocking of Netflix simply means bypassing of the regional filters and accessing the site using an American IP address.

Here comes the concept of obtaining US IP using various methods available in the market. It includes the usage the most reliable and popular method of using Virtual Private Networks or VPN. VPN is capable of letting the user choose the location and IP address for the server of choice. This helps in Unblocking of Netflix with VPN.

If you are facing trouble using Netflix, we have some popular and reliable VPN recommendations for American citizens residing outside US and also for non-US citizens.


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