Best USA VPN in 2017

Best USA VPN in 2017

Best VPN for USA / United States in 2017

Best USA VPN in 2017

The United States is one of the most open content areas in the world, with little censorship happening. ISPs are quite potent when it comes to content being uploaded, but for the most part there won’t be articles in the US banned by the government.

Still, getting a VPN in the United States is very important, especially to be protected from hackers and to surf anonymously. The only way to be safe is through a VPN service, which encrypts all users information on the back end servers.

Best VPN: HideMyAss offers 41.000+ US IP’s

Plenty of VPN services work inside the US, our recommendation is HideMyAss, our number one VPN. HideMyAss has thousands of IP addresses in the US, works in over 75 countries and has impressive server infrastructure worldwide.

Best VPN for USA: No logs at IP Vanish VPN

For people a little more on the privacy side, IPVanish is another excellent choice. It might not have the same server size as HideMyAss, but the VPN service does not log any data from users.

Best VPN for USA: Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a good option for those on a budget (from 3.33 $ / month), it certainly does make owning a VPN service an affordable solution for Internet users, who might worry about spying or want to get content in other countries.

Wonder if a VPN service is right for you? In the US – the NSA has openly admitted to spying on US citizens with mass surveillance on the internet, whether in the right or in the wrong, data will be stored on the NSA’s private servers.

There has never been a better time to grab a VPN and make sure all your data is safe from prying eyes. The three solutions all offer excellent service and there are plenty more VPN service reviews on our website. Check also Astrill VPN or for more internet privacy.

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